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From my bookstore shelves this week I'm again featuring an author I haven't read before. It is Susanna Gregory and the book is called Blood on the Strand.

From the publisher's website:

Rebellion is in the air of London in the spring of 1663. Thomas Chaloner, spy for the King's intelligence service, has just returned from thwarting a planned revolt in Dublin, but soon realises that England's capital is no haven of peace. He is ordered to investigate the shooting of a beggar during a royal procession. He soon learns the man is no vagrant, but someone with links to the powerful Company of Barber-Surgeons. He master, the Earl of Clarendon, is locked in a deadly feud with the Earl of Bristol, and an innocent man is about to be hanged in Newgate. Chaloner is embroiled in a desperate race against time to protect Clarendon, to discover the true identity of the beggar's murderer, and to save a blameless man from the executioner's noose.

On the front cover of this book it says this is 'Chalouner's Second Exploit in Restoration London'. So, this is the second book in this historical mystery series. I would have profiled the first book, but this is the one I have on my shelf. I like historical fiction quite a bit so I'm putting the first of this series on my TBR list.


Staci on March 12, 2010 at 9:58 AM said...

I love the cover and the story sounds pretty interesting!


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