Review: SKIPPING CHRISTMAS by John Grisham

After stepping into one too many slush puddles, Mr. Krank sits down one evening and figures out that he and his wife spend approximately $6000 every year on Christmas. Consequently Mr. and Mrs. Krank decide to ‘skip Christmas’ one year and spend the money on a cruise instead. The neighbours, who expect everyone on their street to erect giant Frosty the Snowmans on their roofs every year, are aghast when the Kranks forgo this particular holiday ritual. But why bother when they’re not going to be there? The local stationary store owner calls asking for their order of Christmas cards. Another tradition down the drain. Also gone by the wayside is the annual holiday party the Kranks host. A friend of Mrs. Krank, disturbed by this turn of events, suggests they have the party on Christmas Eve instead since they’re only leaving for the cruise on Christmas Day. People who would normally celebrate/and or profit during the season - from their colleagues to friends to the merchants who count on their business, find it difficult to understand how the couple could give up Christmas. This is a novella with a single topic which gets a bit tired after awhile.



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