Featuring: The Pool Theory by Alexa Nazzaro and Shredded by Karen Avivi

Introducting The Pool Theory, a young adult novel. From author Alexa Nazzaro's website the description reads:

If you asked Kye Penton what his greatest accomplishment is, he'd probably say surviving years of bullying with nothing but his only friend Anthony and movies like The Godfather to get by. 
But at fifteen, things are finally looking up. By some miracle, Claudia in English likes him, and Julian is both his new friend and a super cool guy in general. It looks like Kye's days of being an outcast are ancient history - until Annie Cooper shows up: pregnant and claiming the baby is his. 
A young adult contemporary novel that tackles teen pregnancy, bullying and social anxiety head-on, The Pool Theory is an honest depiction of what it means to live out the so-called best years of your life when all you want to do is disappear off the face of the earth.

The description of Shredded from Karen Avivi's website reads:
A contemporary young adult novel Drop into the world of rule-breaking, gravity-defying girls who shred riding freestyle BMX “I would have preferred handlebars in the gut. At least when that happened I definitely saw it coming.” Shredded by Karen Avivi is more than a girls’ sports book or a BMX biking book. The motivating push-your-limits story takes on feminism, friendship, sexism, and sibling rivalry. Josie Peters thinks she’ll do anything to ride in the Ultimate BMX freestyle event the summer before her senior year. To hit the qualifying events in the Midwest, Josie and her friends take off on a summer road trip where late-night parties, an intimidating mega ramp, and the lure of sponsorships spark friction between the girls. When Josie’s best chance for success depends on her relationship with flashy rider R.T. Torres, she has to decide what she’s trying to win and how much she’ll sacrifice. Even readers unfamiliar with BMX or extreme sports will be caught up in the adrenaline rush of Josie’s tricks, wipeouts, and wins. Hints of romance provide extra conflict without overtaking the main plot. Ideal for fans of realistic young adult fiction, Shredded features a strong female lead character who goes after what she wants by taking action.
Both these authors will be at Chapters (6321 Transcanada Highway, Pointe-Claire, H9R 5A5) from noon until 4 p.m. on November 2nd to sign copies of their books. Drop by to see them if you can!


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