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I received three books last week - all from Scholastic. They are:

Malice by Chris Wooding.

The description of this book on Scholastic's website says:

Everyone’s heard of it but nobody’s read it. Luke, Seth, and Kady have heard all the stories about Malice, a secret comic about a strange, awful world full of tricks and traps, and overseen by a sinister master of ceremonies, Tall Jake. But if rumors are to be believed, the children in this comic are real? Luke is the first to fall into this trap and Seth and Kady are the next to follow. They have left our world and entered the sinister comic book. The question is: can they make it out alive? From acclaimed author Chris Wooding, a novel that’s half fact, half comic and all thrills.
I'm already well into it and should be finished pretty soon. Review should be up this week. So far it's really fun and a perfect read for this time of year.

The second book is Lips Touch Three Times by Laini Taylor.

This book's description on the site reads:

Three tales of supernatural love, each pivoting on a kiss that is no mere kiss, but an action with profound consequences for the kissers' souls:

Goblin Fruit: In Victorian times, goblin men had only to offer young girls sumptuous fruits to tempt them to sell their souls. But what does it take to tempt today's savvy girls?

Spicy Little Curses: A demon and the ambassador to Hell tussle over the soul of a beautiful English girl in India. Matters become complicated when she falls in love and decides to test her curse.

Hatchling: Six days before Esme's fourteenth birthday, her left eye turns from brown to blue. She little suspects what the change heralds, but her small safe life begins to unravel at once. What does the beautiful, fanged man want with her, and how is her fate connected to a mysterious race of demons?

This book has a very cool short graphic story (no words) at the very beginning of the book.

The last book in this trio is called Timothy and the Dragon's Gate by Adrienne Kress.

The description:

Timothy Freshwater has been expelled from the last school in the city. His father takes him to his office where he meets the mailroom clerk, Mr. Shen, who turns out to be a dragon. Forced to take human shape for hundreds of years, he must return to China to resume his true form. Timothy soon finds himself Mr. Shen’s keeper and stalked by a ninja and chased by a trio of black taxicabs. And then Mr. Shen falls into the wrong hands. Can Timothy help his new friend?
It looks really fun - I'm looking forward to reading it!


bermudaonion on October 26, 2009 at 12:58 PM said...

Malice looks perfect for this time of year here in the US. I hope you enjoy your books.

Cindy on October 26, 2009 at 1:25 PM said...

Donna you got some really good books. Okay I now have them on my wish list LOL

Staci on October 26, 2009 at 7:47 PM said...

The first one is on my book fair right now. They all look fun!

avisannschild on October 27, 2009 at 12:15 AM said...

Malice does sound fun! I'd love to see it and I'm looking forward to your review!


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